Singapore May Soon Outlaw Online Gambling

Published September 9, 2014 by Brett C

Singapore May Soon Outlaw Online Gambling

Will the Remote Gambling Bill in Singapore be Passed?

Soon, online gambling in Singapore could be outlawed. The Remote Gambling Bill, which prohibits online gambling, will be considered by the Singapore Parliament. If this bill is passed it will eliminate nearly all online gambling facilities available to Singaporean players.

The bill essentially prevents online gambling by blocking payments to online casinos and by blocking gambling websites entirely. In addition, this bill would criminalize remote gambling activities that are carried out over the phone, Internet or similar types of communications technology.

These types of restrictions are applicable for gambling that takes place within Singapore’s jurisdiction no matter where the online casino operator is located or where the wager is placed.

However, this bill offers an exception for online gambling providers that are based in Singapore and operate non-profit entities that contribute to social, charitable or public causes in the country. In addition, these entities will need to show that they have a history of compliance with various laws and regulations.

No Promotion of Online Gambling Activities

The online gambling providers that are exempt with have to adhere to strict regulations which are designed to protect the public and promote responsible gambling practices. The bill also outlaws any promotion or advertisement of online gambling activities. Singapore currently has stringent gambling laws but the laws do not discuss any regulations or legality in regards to online gambling because they were created before the era of the Internet.

In a press statement, the Ministry of Home Affairs of MHA said that when this bill was created, the MHA studied practices and laws of other jurisdictions like France, Norway and Hong Kong. In addition, there was a month and a half consultation held by Singapore to get feedback about the proposed bill. The goal of this bill is to maintain order and protect vulnerable and young people from being exploited by online gambling.

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