Skill Games Now Available on Mobile and Tablet

Published May 14, 2014 by OCR Editor

Players can now take advantage of PJB's newest HTML5 app, Dollar Candy, which offers 60-second, skill-based games that can be accessed from either mobile or tablet devices.

PJB Games has recently launched their latest HTML5 app, Dollar Candy, which makes legal, 60-second games of skill available to the public on major mobile and tablet devices.

Skill games are not to be confused with luck-based games; though both are played for money, the distinction between luck and skill is a big one. Online gambling (luck-based) has only been legalized in three states, whereas online skill gambling is legal in 36 states. 

PC Games versus Mobile Games

Ian Ippolito, CEO of PJB Games, commented, "Until now, the skill gaming market has been dominated by a narrow niche group of specialized gamers who invest hours in learning and mastering skill games that generally require a PC to play and aren't accessible on all devices. Furthermore, the ultra-competitive skill gaming world is notoriously hostile to 'newbies' and susceptible to computerized cheating." 

Therefore, PJB designed their Dollar Candy app so that players can learn how to play in as few as 20 seconds, while the games themselves last only 60 seconds. Their games avoid the danger of robo-cheaters, since as skill-based, they rely on human logic and skill sets.

And while online skill games for PC generally require a 15-45% fee on payouts, Dollar Candy's fee is only 10-11%. 

No Luck

Dollar Candy eliminates luck from their games in the following ways:

  • When players sign up to Dollar Candy, all players in the tournament get the exact same game board, which eliminates the 'luck of the draw' aspect
  • No random events occur throughout the game that would influence the outcome
  • No player is allowed to purchase any special power-ups or tips that would give them an advantage over other players

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