Skrill 1-Tap: Payment with Just the Tap of the Screen

Published March 1, 2014 by OCR Editor

Skrill 1-Tap: Payment with Just the Tap of the Screen

Consumers and retailers alike will love Skrill's latest digital payment service: Skrill 1-Tap, which processes payments through just one tap of the screen or click of the mouse.

Skrill (formerally known as Moneybookers), a leading digital payment method accepted by many casinos, has just come out with its latest innovation, Skrill 1-Tap. Skrill 1-Tap offers a one-tap payment method, as its name suggests. Users can just tap or click on the screens on their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

How it Works

Any site that offers Skrill 1-Tap lets its users pay without entering any log-in info or payment information. Just by touching the screen (or clicking the mouse), the money will be deposited into the company's account.

The only time that the customer needs to enter any payment details is the first time he or she registers for Skrill 1-Tap. Once this information has been entered, it is stored with the most secure technology, and can then be accessed through a click on the screen. 

For the Retailer

For the retailer, 1-tap payments means that users can make payments in a fraction of the time it would normally take, and they are much less likely to get deterred, as they might be from a long payment form.

For the Consumer

For the consumer, Skrill 1-Tap means that payments have never been easier or more hassle-free. In today's busy world, we are all juggling a million and one things - being able to make payments in a matter of seconds is a great convenience. There is also no re-direct out of the app or webpage, which makes this service especially invaluable for smartphone users.

Casinos Accepting Skrill 1-Tap

Want to try out this easy, safe payment method? Head on over to All Slots or All Jackpots online casinos, and see just how easy it is. 

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