Slingo SPACE INVADERS: A Retro Arcade Classic Reimagined by Gaming Realms

OCR Editor. - September 4, 2023

Bridging the nostalgic charm of the 70s with modern gaming innovation, Gaming Realms introduces its latest title, Slingo SPACE INVADERS, a licensed collaboration with TAITO. This game merges the classic arcade aesthetics with contemporary Slingo gameplay, offering a thrilling new twist to the iconic SPACE INVADERS game.

In an audacious move, Gaming Realms, acclaimed for its mobile-centric gaming content, has orchestrated a modern-day revival of a timeless arcade marvel with its freshly released title, Slingo SPACE INVADERS. This game is the fruit of a licensed endeavor with TAITO, the original creator of the SPACE INVADERS franchise.

This game is part of a series of Slingo games launched by Gaming Reals, such as Slingo Pirate's Treasure, Slingo Shark Week, Slingo Davinci Diamonds, and more.

The gameplay spins around a 5x5 grid where random numbers land and players are granted 12 spins to mark these numbers as they appear on the bottom reel. Each complete line of marked numbers gives a Slingo. With every spin, there lies a chance to land Wilds and Super Wilds on the reel, allowing players to select which number to mark next. This adrenaline-charged release opens up a realm of strategic maneuvers.

Additionally, the game incorporates a Cannon symbol that, when landed, fires at a UFO, either bestowing an instant cash reward or an extra life in the bonus round.
The Slingo mechanic is taken further as each Slingo achieved in the base game propels players up a progressively increasing prize ladder, with a minimum of four Slingos required to unlock the bonus feature. As players ascend the prize ladder, they are granted additional lives in the bonus round and a multiplier to soar up to 50x.

Venturing into the free spins round, the Invaders commence their journey from left to right, moving downwards. Should they hit the bottom, players lose a life. However, landing Cannons on the bottom reel allows players to fire back, with each obliterated Invader granting a cash prize. The game also features Bunkers on the reels, which can absorb the shots fired by Cannons, adding a layer of strategic depth to the gameplay.

The beauty of Slingo SPACE INVADERS lies in the harmonious blend of retro SPACE INVADERS visuals and sound design with the distinctive Slingo mechanics, bringing a fresh narrative to the arcade classic. Following in the footsteps of other remarkable titles like Slingo Cosmic Clusters, Slingo Piggy Bank, and Slingo Money Train, this game is expected to carve its niche in the gaming community.

Gareth Scott, Chief Commercial Officer at Gaming Realms, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with TAITO. He noted that while the game maintains the fundamental ethos of SPACE INVADERS, it introduces novel mechanics through the Slingo feature, thereby ramping up the excitement throughout the base game and into the bonus rounds.

The venture underscores an evolution in Gaming Realms' pursuit to continually offer next-gen mobile gaming content that resonates with nostalgic allure and embraces modern gaming paradigms. With this unique amalgamation, Slingo SPACE INVADERS is not merely a game; it's a journey back in time, blended with the thrill of modern-day gaming innovations, which is likely to resonate well with both old-school arcade lovers and the new generation of gamers.

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