Slotegrator Academy Launches New Infographics Section

Published December 25, 2018 by Sol FH

Slotegrator Academy Launches New Infographics Section

Slotegrator taking steps to improve its educational portal with new Infographics section.

Since 2012, Slotegrator has been working to help develop its clients' businesses, with unique, practical recommendations, licensed software, easy integration of new games for operators, and, a useful academy that intends to turn its members into experts in the field. The content of the academy includes statistical analysis, shared experiences, new technologies, techniques, and promising developments, and, it makes navigation and understanding the challenging iGaming market a lot easier. Driven by contemporary graphic design and modern technique, Infographics are used by almost all operators, which makes it that much more important to have excellent messaging.  

New Infographics Learning Section

Slotegrator adding an Infographics section to their already popular Academy offering will benefit many professionals, and, up-and-coming members of the iGaming community. 

Infographics are excellent graphic representations of data, information, or knowledge. They present in a quick, easy-to-understand graphic what would usually take a few pages to get across. They have been beneficial to iGaming because they can improve human cognition of any topic. 

The most common use-cases for Infographics in online gambling so far have been to present new online casino tournaments including the type, it's features or characterization, and the steps needed to get involved; iGaming statistics, and other pieces of lengthy information or data, turned into a beautiful graphic on a 'single pane of glass.'

Being able to teach their members more about the strategy, intricacy, and messaging involved when creating Infographics is precisely what this new Academy section hopes to achieve. It is not only operators that would benefit from this, but, online casino players would also benefit from classy, clean, and easy-to-understand charts, promotions, statistics, etc. Seeing an Infographic on 'how much money the casino has paid out already this year, according to month,' would usually require a few pages of charts and graphs. But, with an Infographic that entire process would be drastically shortened thanks to a catchy Infographic.  

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