Slotty Vegas Creates NFT Slots Tournament

Sol FH. - February 7, 2022

NFTs are big business and for 10 winners of the Slotty Vegas monthly tournament, an NFT is what they'll get.

NFTs are booming right now. NFT marketplaces are setting new records for sales and NFT entrepreneurs are creating lavish NFT projects full of NFT giveaways, NFT utility, staking for passive income, and just about every other use-case to make their project more attractive. For many early adopters of NFTs, some of these projects have become wildly profitable building interest amongst everyone from Paris Hilton to Jimmy Fallon, both owners of multiple exclusive NFT projects.  An NFT enables its owner to own the original copy of a digital file in the same manner that you would possess the original right to a work of physical art or the master file of a musical recording.

The recent volcanic activity in Tonga inspired Slotty Vegas to create a collection of NFTs.  A smiley face can be seen on all of their volcanic NFTs. The hidden lesson here is that, no matter how bad things become, we must always find the fortitude to keep going.

What kind of NFTs is being rewarded to winners?
Slotty Vegas Casino is giving away very collectible, high-quality artwork NFTs that are meant to reflect and immortalize the most important global events that are taking place at the time of the tournament.

The NFTs are created by gifted artists, and their rarity value is guaranteed to the winners.

Each tournament will last a specified amount of time, usually monthly, and will be linked to a specific selection of their fantastic casino games. From contest to contest, these games will be different.

To be utilized as rewards, Slotty Vegas will mint a set of fresh NFTs on the Polygon blockchain at the start of each event.

You can join the tournament by simply opting in and betting any amount of real money on any of the tournament games. The highest win multiplier you achieve on any of the games will decide your position on the tournament leaderboards.

Any winnings you earn on the game during the tournament are 100% yours to keep and will be credited to your casino account, as usual, so you have nothing to lose by participating!

The newly minted NFTs will be owned by Slotty Vegas until the event is over, at which point they will be handed to the lucky winners.

Participation is completely free of charge. In addition to not charging an admission fee, Slotty Vegas will cover all blockchain transaction fees!

What do I need to be able to take part?
To participate in the NFT tournaments, you will need two things:

1. A cryptocurrency wallet (MetaMask is recommended)
2. An active Slotty Vegas account

Creating a MATIC (Polygon) wallet

After setting up a MetaMask account, you'll need to add the Polygon network to your wallet, which is an easy process, and steps to do so are in the tournament FAQs at Slotty Vegas. 

At the completion of each tournament, ten victors will receive an NFT. The rarer the NFT the more valuable it is. Slotty Vegas has Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, and Common NFTs available.

Every month, a new NFT tournament will begin. Each tournament will include a different set of NFTs.


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