Smartwatch Gambling: Online Casino Around Your Wrist

Ivan P. - September 1, 2020
Smartwatch Gambling: Online Casino Around Your Wrist

More and more online casinos are launching gambling apps for smartwatch devices looking to corner this market early on and banking on smartwatches becoming a popular accessory.

The online gambling industry is always keeping up with modern trends, coming up with new and even more convenient ways for people to enjoy their gaming sessions. Smartwatch online casinos were first introduced in 2014 and although the concept is still a bit out there, these definitely could become a big thing in the future.

You could definitely say it's still early days for smartwatch gambling but major iGaming companies like Playtech and Microgaming have been working for a while now to develop apps that work well on Apple smartwatches and provide players with a seamless and enjoyable experience despite some clear limitations of these devices.

Finding Best Smartwatch Casinos

Although he number of options for the players is still somewhat limited, there are already some decent options to choose from. Online casinos for smartwatch devices are slowly becoming a thing and if you're willing to give it a try, you most certainly can.

There are several reputable brands that have launched smartwatch apps so you should pay attention to other important things as well, such as bonuses, withdrawal speeds, the quality of customer support, etc.

Upsides of Gambling on Your Smartwatch

The idea of playing casino games on your watch definitely seems a bit out there at this time but the same could be said for casino mobile apps some years ago. As technology advances, new opportunities arise and gambling operators are keen to take advantage of these. If you're uncertain about the whole smartwatch casino concept, think about these points:

  • It's really seamless and not intrusive at all - the watch is around your wrist at all times so it's really easy to fire up a session and have fun without distractions. You could fire up your favorite slot and let it spin and whenever you want to check how you're doing, you just need to glance at your watch.
  • Smartwatch casinos take playing on the go to the next level. You can play on the go on your phone but if you actually have to walk, this isn't too convenient. Checking out your phone is much more distracting and accidentally bumping into someone or something could cause you to drop it and damage it. You don't have to worry about any of that with smartwatch online casinos.
  • The interface is very clean and simple. Developers have certainly made good use of the little space they had at their disposal. The focus is on the game you want to play and there are no other distractions around it like banners or promotional offers.

It will take you some time to get used to it but if you're someone who enjoys wearing a smartwatch as it is and using other apps on it, it won't take you long to warm up to this idea, either.

Some Wrinkles to Iron Out

Smartwatches are still new technology so there are still some obstacles and hurdles that developers of smartwatch gambling apps will need to overcome. The size of the screen is definitely the biggest challenge, especially for table games like roulette and blackjack. Creating an interface where players can easily place bets, see the action, and have access to stats is definitely not easy.

Another thing that could slow down the development process is the fact smartwatches have different shapes and designs so it's much harder to find a one-fit-all model. At the same time, developing different apps for different models might not be feasible.

The future of smartwatch online casinos is definitely not set in stone as of yet. However, looking at the surge of popularity in mobile gambling over the last few years, it's not that hard to imagine that smartwatch gambling will eventually become big. It depends on the popularity of these devices in general but also on how much effort iGaming companies are willing to put into developing solid and player-friendly smartwatch gambling apps.



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