Smile-Expo Shines for it's 50th Conference In Malta Blockchain and Bitcoin

Published December 10, 2018 by Lee R

Smile-Expo Shines for it's 50th Conference In Malta Blockchain and Bitcoin

Everybody shined in Malta—from local regulators to panelists to demos to the promoters themselves!

Smile-Expo's epochal second annual Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Malta this past October 23rd was a smashing success.

Opening Remarks

The 50th event of Smile Expo was kicked off by a keynote speech from the country's primary blockchain regulator, Malta Digital Innovation Authority CEO Stephen McCarthy.

Topics Covered

Other key speakers spoke at panel discussions with the key themes to empower speakers including DLT and IoT, Tokenization, the Legal Side of Crypto, ICOs, and Blockchain Hacking.


Speakers on hand providing vital insights included DLT-based solution provider Funshing investor & Deputy CEO Bruce Jeong, whose welcoming speech included a presentation on the Smart Crypto City project demonstrating how the blockchain technology can be used by city government.

Central Theme

The main theme that emerged at the conference was DLT integration into leading sectors such as transportation, real estate sector, medicine and AI.

DLT Expertise

The discussion included iOlite CMO Yael Tamar on how DLT can improve global supply chain logistics by making cargo more traceable and less difficult to steal.

Tokenization Limited Founder Juergen Hoebarth continued the discussion by specifying real life examples of how DLT is transforming top sectors such as flight insurance, gaming, real estate and healthcare.

Legal Aspects of DLT

Legal aspects of DLT technology were discussed in a comparative analysis of tax rules in Malta, Switzerland and the US indicating how DLT has been adapted to comply with GDPR.


The conference provided all attendees with the opportunity to network with leading lawyers, ask questions and get consultations for free.

Capital Gathering

CryptoLaw Partner Founding Attorney Gordon Einstein described capital-gathering and key new Reg D SEC private placement exemptions.


An analysis of cryptocurrency trading delivered by Midas Touch Consulting founder and CEO Florian (Florzinho) Grummes. whose formula for successful deals on exchanges includes creating a plan which considers consider position sizing according to a principle-based approach: “Psychology is at least 80% of your trading success,” were his final words.

Exhibition Floor

The loaded Malta Demozone included Software company PickPack revealing innovative approach logistic solutions such as last-mile and same day deliveries and B2B application KYC-Chain's innovative KYC templates for facilitating individual and corporate customers.


The array of presenters continued, and was head-spinning. The fun will not stop through, with Smile-Expo's 25 country presence to reconvene next in Moscow and in the Philippines.

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