Solo Mahjong at Leading Online Casino

Published March 19, 2007 by OCR Editor

Solo Mahjong at Leading Online Casino

For those online casino players who love to play mahjong, you'll love this new addition to one of the Internets leading online casino groups! Mahjong, a skillful Chinese game, is largely popular through the Eastern world.

It has a mysterious appeal to Westerners as well; especially those who love to spend time at online casinos. New online gambling players are drawn to this game and now they have the chance to learn and play it online! And the special version offered, known as solo Mahjong, is for single players and provides the option to play by either World Mahjong Federation rules or Japanese (Tenwa) rules.

Solo Mahjong does not require prior knowledge of how to play Mahjong. However, online casino players will learn some of the basic concepts of this exciting game as they play. Online casino players start out with a ready hand (one tile away from a win) and must find the correct tile in the wall of 24 face-down tiles to complete it. The game is not complicated to play, and many online casinos fans love having this game available to them on the Internet.

So if you have always wanted to try Mahjong, or you've only now just heard of it, this is your chance to give it a fair go and play one of the most unique forms of this game on the World Wide Web. Of course the online casino always offers players to get a better understanding of the game by visiting the preview section. This is were you can really educate yourself regarding some important rules as well as tips and strategies for this fascinating game.

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