Goes All-In with Responsible Gaming Advocacy

Published May 14, 2023 by Brett C Goes All-In with Responsible Gaming Advocacy has launched a new Responsible Gaming Campaign/Survey. The campaign aims to promote safe and enjoyable gaming experiences, and is urging partners to help spread the message and raise awareness about the importance of responsible gaming. The survey offers valuable feedback for online casino players., the largest online casino in Portugal, is launching a new campaign to promote responsible gaming. The campaign reinforces the company's mission of promoting responsible gaming for pleasure and focuses on safety and fun. Participants are encouraged to take the on-site survey to provide valuable feedback for the community.

Online Casino Players Offer Valuable Input

The campaign will feature a survey available on's website. The survey is designed to help players discover if they are playing healthily and enjoyably without chasing losses or engaging in other non-recommended behaviours. After taking the test, players will see a page with their results and recommendations for the next steps.

Details of Solverde's Responsible Gaming Policy's Responsible Gaming Policy includes game activity control, self-exclusion, and the protection of minors. The company also provides risk signs of problem gambling, professional help, and customer support services.

Casino Games Must Be Enjoyed for Recreational Purposes Only

  • Set spending limits and take breaks during the game.
  • Play for fun and not as a means of obtaining income.
  • Be aware of the rules, prize plans, and odds before betting.

The Protection of Minors

  • Use control software or internet filters to protect access.
  • Do not share access data or financial information with minors.
  • Underage individuals are not allowed to register for an account.

Maintain Control Over Gaming Activity

  • Check your gaming and betting time, account balance, and operations.
  • Define deposit and betting limits to ensure sound financial management.

Rules for Self-Exclusion

  • Withdraw funds during temporary self-exclusion.
  • Temporarily or indefinitely opt out of our services.
  • The self-exclusion period lasts at least three months.
  • Request self-exclusion through the Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service.

Identify the Risk Signs of Problem Gaming

  • Seek specialist advice for your protection.
  • Be aware of risk signs that indicate a gambling problem.

Seek Professional Help

  • Contact competent entities for professional help.
  • The Linha Vida and Lifeline offer anonymous, free, and confidential psychological counseling services.

Get in Touch with Customer Support

  • Contact Customer Service for more information or help.'s Responsible Gaming Policy is designed to help players maintain control over their gaming activity, identify the risk signs of problem gambling, seek professional help, and protect minors. is committed to all players' well-being, safety, and fun and encourages them to play for pleasure, not to obtain income. In addition, the company is urging all partners to help spread the message and raise awareness about the importance of responsible gaming.

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