South Africa: Ride the Gambling Current

Published March 24, 2008 by OCR Editor

South Africa: Ride the Gambling Current

As the World struggles with online gambling, South Africa shows its face and yells out Legalize it! Has this distant country really found the solution for our growing obsession with online gambling?

South Africa, a country divided by 11 separate official languages, nine different provinces and one growing economy, has made the impossible possible. As many nations join the war against online gambling, this country has decided to give the people what they ask for.

We must ask ourselves "Why do these guys think they can do what others have failed at?" So far the country has had one law concerning online gambling. The 2004 National Gambling Act, No. 7 - the law that prohibits any type of online gambling.

Well, perhaps the sudden rise of players in the last decade has something to do with it. Gambling has been spreading throughout the country leaving the government with no choice but to give the people what they want.

Perhaps it is the 2010's World Cup that will be played in South Africa that has influenced the change of heart. The legalization of gambling may allow the country to benefit from gambling over the event, surely to take place in one form or another.

And perhaps, less likely, surely, but imaginable nonetheless, President Thabo Mbeki was threatened by notorious Web administrators to legalize online gambling. Currently, he may be kept hostage in a basement 3 floors underground by guerilla-gamblers with no discourse of the incident on the media. Granted, this one is a stretch.

Presuming the reason is insignificant. The South African government has created a law that is opposing what is known as the "global" political correctness. South Africa is set to become mankind's gambling guinea pig.

With new freedoms, there are always new companies. Many South African companies will develop in the following months after the new law comes in to action. We can expect an entire new industry to enter the South African economy, making this decision, possibly a good one.

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