South America: Next Online Gambling Empire?

Published January 7, 2014 by OCR Editor

South America: Next Online Gambling Empire?

Outdated laws expected to change in the near future allowing for major growth in the online casino industry in Central and South America.

It may not be tomorrow or the day after that but South and Central America are set to become one of the next markets to be the focus of major online gambling moguls.  The potential profits that any one of the countries to approve online gambling are immense and with tens of millions of potential customers available the pressure is coming down hard on governments to pass new laws immediately.  

The Latin American Market

The interest in the South and Central American markets is so big that last year in 2013 one of the biggest conferences in the internet gambling industry took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the first ever Brazilian Gaming Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Mr. Victor Arias Lopez the Latin American Manager of Casino Fantasia was quoted as saying, "For the last 7 years of my career in the online gaming industry I have focused my research and work on the Latin-American market. It is really important to recognize the interesting growth and interest from the biggest companies all around the world to conquest a market with a population of over 600 million people in 27 countries which are having an important economic growth and the power of acquisition is getting better every day. As a result of these factors, the investors become more interested."

With countries like Brazil currently at record economic lows and tons of tax-payer money being earmarked for the extravagant World Cup later this year the online gambling industry could be the hero the country needs for the future.  

It is just a matter of time until a full, booming industry is fully active in Central and South America and we can't wait to report on it all as it unfolds.

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