Spain to Restrict Advertisements for Online Gambling

Published February 26, 2015 by Elana K

Spain to Restrict Advertisements for Online Gambling

Spanish lawmakers are seeking to regulate the amount and type of advertisements produced by online gambling operators; namely, those that target vulnerable segments of the population, like teenagers.

Even though Spain recently expanded its online gambling opportunities, granting a number of new licenses to operators in the country, local authorities are now seeking to restrict advertisements from these operators. The proposal filed by Spanish lawmakers would see serious limits placed on gambling-related advertisements, including sports sponsors.

Why the Crack Down?

Why are Spanish authorities now cracking down on the advertisements of operators who just months ago were allowed to open up shop in Spain? It seems that a number of Spanish senate members are concerned about responsible gambling, especially when it comes to teens. The senate would like to reduce the negative impact that online gambling has on these vulnerable members of Spanish society, and to do so they are tackling the problem at the only source available: advertisements.

As of now, advertisements of gambling products and services are not regulated by the Spanish government, but it is expected that at some point in 2015, that will change.

Which Ads Will be Restricted?

The main ads that lawmakers are seeking to restrict are those on broadcasting channels and mobile devices. They would also like ads that are directed at underaged citizens to be completely banned. Of course, it is too early to say for sure what will pass into law and what will not.

Paula Gonzalez de Castejón, a gaming lawyer of DLA Piper, stated that the chances that some amendments will not make it into the regulations are fairly high. However, even if not all of the amendments pass, the new bill will certainly affect large online operators such as and 888poker in a negative way.

Spotlight on Responsible Gambling

The entire debate emphasizes the importance of encouraging responsible gambling, as this is a serious issue that affects not only Spain, but societies across the globe. In this vein, a number of sponsorship deals between Spanish sports teams and gambling websites have been cancelled.

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