Special Report: Bitcoin Casinos Blaze into Popularity This Summer

Published August 5, 2016 by Sol FH

Special Report: Bitcoin Casinos Blaze into Popularity This Summer

The summer of Bitcoin Casinos is here and these brands are hotter than ever.

Bitcoin Casinos have been growing in popularity for some time now and at Online Casino Reports, we have noticed a surge in the popularity of these online casinos through the summer months this year. Perhaps due to their ease of use, or the incredible financial security that the crypto-currency is known for. One thing is for sure, more and more players have been registering with Bitcoin brands and it does not look like this trend is slowing down anytime soon.

In 2008, the year that the Bitcoin was invented, the crypto-currency took off in popularity and really hasn't looked back. Digital payments were already very popular and have revolutionized the way that people pay for products and services on the web. Bitcoin takes this comfort to the next level and has now become a prominent way to make deposits at the leading online casinos. The most popular Bitcoin Casinos include VegasCasino, BitCasino, Coin Palace Casino and BetChain Casino, but there are a ton of others that offer Bitcoin as a preferred way to play.

What Makes Bitcoin a Great Selection for Online Casinos?

Online gambling is one of the biggest revenue makers in the wide-world of gambling, making up around 8% of the entire gambling industry in 2014. That number has grown to around 11% in 2016 and casinos are coming up with new, innovative ways to draw players into their sites. One of the methods that stand out the most is Bitcoin. The currency is a simple, safe, secure and anonymous way to pay that players are falling in love with.

Bitcoin is especially popular with online gambling, as more often than not, online players understand a bit more about technology, which makes the virtual payment method an excellent selection for them. No need for banks, credit cards, eWallets or anything else for that matter, Bitcoin is now the sole payment method at many online brands with others offering it as a preferred payment solution.

Constant and Steady Growth

At the beginning of 2016, there were over 15.2 million Bitcoins with 2 new Bitcoins mined every 10 minutes. That means that this growth is constant and steady. The current cap of Bitcoins is 21 million, and once that is reached, there will be new targets for the future. The worth of each Bitcoin fluctuates just like regular currency and at the time of this article Bitcoin's were worth $546.90. That is a huge chunk of change and iGaming is seeing a lot of this used on slots, tables and even live dealer options.

Casinos like VegasCasino, BitCasino, Coin Palace Casino and BetChain Casino were some of the pioneers in accepting Bitcoin and in return, they have seen a huge increase in the number of players registering for their services. The games are the same games as at other casinos and the promotional offers are all very respectable, meaning that other than some quality marketing done by these brands, players are flocking to them because of Bitcoin.

Imagine There Were No Borders

Bitcoin is being adopted by more and more online casinos, because of safety and ease of use, but also because the currency is able to be used in any jurisdiction. There are no borders with Bitcoin and the technology is virtually anonymous. Casinos don't even need personal information about the players when receiving a deposit. Transaction fees are minimal and players can convert their winnings into local flat currency in a matter of seconds.

This is definitely the summer of Bitcoin and by the end of 2016, expect that dozens more online casinos offer this new virtual currency as a preferred payment method. Players can purchase Bitcoins easily and in seconds and once you have them, you will fall in love.

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