Special Report: Cashback Offers

Published February 4, 2016 by Sol FH

Special Report: Cashback Offers

Online casinos offer a wide-range of special offers, but could Cashback Bonuses be the cream of the crop?

Casino offers are one of the best methods of attracting new players to sign up for service and to preserve business from longtime members. Offers can come in many different forms but few are as highly acclaimed as Cashback offers. If you have never tried a Cashback offer, find out all you'll need to know in this special report.

Get your Cash Back

Cashback Bonuses refer to a number of special casino offers, which will ultimately put a portion of your losses back into your account. These offers are offered either against specific amounts that a player has wagered at an online casino, or more commonly against losses that players have incurred by playing casino games.  

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cashback Offers

Different casinos have different cashback deals. Most brands tend to offer either daily, weekly or monthly cashback bonuses. These offers have set rules as to when a player can get cashback on losses and they are very attractive, as no one likes to lose. At Slotty Vegas, a very popular cashback deal is their Daily Cashback bonus in which players can receive 10% of their losses back up to $1,500 every day. This is one of the largest cashback offers in the industry and it is a great incentive for players to continue gambling without worry of losing all of their cash.

Casinos like Rich Casino have a very special weekly cashback offer, which will return 40% of losses each week up to a maximum of $400 a week. Prospect Hall Casino offers a bit less cashback at 10% weekly up to £100, but it is still a great bonus and a great way to continue ones online gambling campaign. Continuity is what make these offers great, because the deals are ongoing and players can decide how much and how often to use them.

The casinos above offer actual cash on percentages of losses, while another cashback offers give players bonus funds instead of real money. Bonus funds are usually free bets that can be made at virtually all of the casinos games, but the outcome is the same. Either way you will get to continue playing with the possibility of winning lucrative cash at the end of the day.

Cashback Conditions

The conditions that casinos offer cashback can also vary. Some do not force wagering requirements, while others insist that players must satisfy the casinos set of conditions before one can withdraw the potential winnings. Perhaps the terms are that a player will need to wager X amount of money before withdrawing the cashback bonus.

Cashback on Minimum Deposits

Another type of cashback offered at some online casinos will give players a return if they deposit a certain amount. Let's say the casino will give players 10% cashback if they deposit $100. That means that when the $100 is all used up, the casino will automatically reimburse ones account with $10 in real or bonus cash. Most players like unlimited cashback offers, as limiting ones options doesn't always make the deal as attractive.  

Be sure to check back to see the full list of cashback offers and the casinos that offer the best deals. Slotty Vegas, Rich Casino and Prospect Hall Casino each have great cashback offers, but there are literally thousands of additional specials so it would be good to do a bit of research before committing.

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