Special Report: Casino Games Odds

Published September 18, 2011 by OCR Editor

Special Report: Casino Games Odds

Know your odds before you pay to play.

Online casino players have long been calling for a comprehensive report citing the odds of playing and winning their favourite casino games. The good news is that each casino game sports a different set of odds, winning probabilities and payout percentages.

Online Casino Reports (OCR) has undertaken a comprehensive study into multiple casino games and we have ranked them accordingly. The study was compiled on 7 popular casino gaming variants including: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Video Poker, Craps, Keno and Slot Machine games.

Checking your Odds before Playing for Real Money

Players are encouraged to check the odds of playing their preferred online casino games. The good news is that all registered online casinos list their payout percentages on each of their gaming variants. These certifications are often compiled by way of TST (Technical Systems Testing) audits. A TST certificate is an independently audited result of the payout potential of each particular gaming variant.

TST categories include Slots games, Table games, Card games, Video Poker, Poker and Fixed Odds games. An overall payout percentage is listed too. A payout percentage of 95% means that for every $1 wagered, the player will typically receive $0.95 in the long-term when perfect betting strategy is employed. Naturally, games with the best payout percentages should be selected for gaming.

Standard Odds for Each Casino Game

Players expect clear-cut rules when playing their favourite games. Like a coin toss which has odds of 50/50, or a dice roll with 1/6 chance of any number coming up. However, casino odds are somewhat more complicated because the casino is in operation to make a profit. As such, the odds are always in favour of the casino - to a greater or lesser extent. A classic example of this is Roulette gaming. Two basic variants exist: European Roulette with 37 numbers and American Roulette with 38 numbers. The payday in both cases is 35:1 should a number hit - but the odds of hitting a number are significantly different owing to the additional zero and the house edge. It is safe to say that the higher the House Edge (expressed in a %) the less probable it is that the player will win:

  • Blackjack sports odds of 0.80%
  • Baccarat (Banker bets) are 1.17% and Baccarat (Player bets) are 1.63% & Tie Bets are 14.36%
  • Craps odds vary based on the bet from 1.41% to 16.7%+.
  • European Roulette has odds of 2.70% while American Roulette has odds of between 5.26% and 5.60%.
  • Slot Machine games range from 2% to 15% house edge.
  • Video Poker games sport odds of 0.46% for Jacks or Better
  • Keno sports odds of 25% - 29% in favour of the house
  • Pai Gow Poker sports odds of 2.5%

Games with the Best Player Odds*

  • Blackjack Liberal Vegas Rules - 0.28%
  • Spanish 21 (Dealer Stands of Soft 17s) - 0.40%
  • Video Poker (Jacks or Better) - 0.46%
  • Baccarat (Banker Bets) - 1.17%
  • Craps (Don't Pass/Don't Come bets) - 1.36%
  • Pai Gow Poker - 2.5%
  • European Roulette - 2.70%

(Slots, American Roulette and then Keno - these games have high house edges)

*Games with the lowest house edges are listed first.

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