Special Report: Responsible Gambling

Published July 22, 2013 by OCR Editor

Special Report: Responsible Gambling

At OCR, it is most important that our readers and followers understand the ins and outs of responsible gambling.

Online Gambling can be one of the most fun forms of entertainment that players from all over the world can enjoy at online casinos and other online gambling platforms.  There are also countless brick-and-mortar gambling facilities that are of the most popular destinations on the globe.  No matter where you play the first and most important thing to remember is that gambling is meant to be fun, thrilling and limited.

Play Responsibly

Responsible Gambling is something that should be the first thing on the minds of all players and they should be able to understand that gambling is a social activity for friends and family, gamblers should have a certain amount set for limits, the odds are always against you, and you should limit the time that you play any of the games.  You should never be pressured into playing and when you choose to play, you can also choose to stop playing.

There are many tools that have been created to endorse Responsible Gambling, but there are 6 tips that when followed and practiced will ensure you don't start down the spiral of problem gambling.

  1. Always Keep it Fun - Gambling is a form of entertainment and you should never feel the need to play.
  2. Keep Your Budget in Mind - Responsible players always have a budget in mind to prevent overspending.
  3. Timing is Key -  You should always have an eye on the clock and know just for how long you've been playing and how much longer you'll be playing for.
  4. Quit When You Should -  You cannot cover your losses by gambling, you should be able to quit when you wish. 
  5. Play At Well-Known Operators - Make sure the online casino you are playing with has eCOGRA certification and that the brand is licensed.
  6. Always Check Yourself - Use tools like Playscan to understand and monitor your gambling habits.


Playscan is a Responsible Gambling tool create so that players can follow their own gambling behavior so that they can keep track of their play and understand any problem areas they may be having with regards to their own personal gambling habits. 

We will continue to follow Playscan's operations as they continue to develop these incredible tools to help responsible gambling.  Playscan is a terrific way for players to follow Responsible Gambling values and even improve their play in the future.

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