Special Report: Try Beating the Odds with Financial Betting

Published April 14, 2014 by OCR Editor

Special Report: Try Beating the Odds with Financial Betting

How financial betting can increase your chances of winning.

The depth and breadth of online betting has grown to such a degree that it no longer seems enough to be able to gamble on the outcome of the next horse race, basketball game or who is going to walk away with the Vince Lombardi trophy. Even the lure of online casinos with their myriad games can seem a little old-school. To fill this breach we have recently begun to experience first the development and now the rapid increase of financial betting.

What's the Difference Between Gambling and Financial Betting/Trading?

Some would argue that gambling is an enterprise that is based solely on luck, while others claim that if you study the form of teams or are an expert in complicated mathematical algorithms, then luck has little to do with it. Whichever side of that fence you fall on, gambling does often rely on the land of a ball, the role of the dice, or in sports, which team or individual actually showed up to play that day.

In general, financial betting has a more cerebral angle to it - particularly when dealing with international money or commodities markets. Although betting of this kind has no bearing on the movement of the financial markets, it helps to know what those markets are doing on a daily basis, how they fluctuate and more importantly, why. International, national or local events can all have an impact (both positive and negative) on how financial markets respond to events.

Forex, Binary, Trading, Options - It's all Greek to Me

There are a lot of terms to get to grips with but fortunately it's actually relatively straightforward. Forex trading is short for Foreign Exchange - in this instance it relates to stock exchanges, shares from the likes of the New York Stock Exchange, Dow Jones, FTSE and Nikkei and commodities such as silver and gold. 

If a trader purchases a binary options contract, they are making an educated guess that the market (within a specific given timeframe, e.g. 30 minutes or the end of the trading day) will increase, therefore giving them a return on that particular asset. It differs from gambling (although some commentators argue that they are one and the same thing) in that a trader's chances of being correct in their assessment about an asset's increase is based on logic, experience and at least daily reviews of the market.

What's My Risk?

It needs to be stressed that there is no such thing as risk-free financial anything - whether it's OTB, online casinos or financial betting. All performance and markets fluctuate. There are however ways of calculating and managing the attendant risk. Traders can estimate their returns and can therefore have a greater understanding of what they stand to gain or lose. This function allows more than a modicum of control and flexibility into the process.

Financial betting allows a more structured and less risky approach to making money than let's say playing in online casinos. That certainly has its place and is here to stay, but some people might just prefer the ability to plot and plan with a greater degree of control.

Where Can I Play?

More and more online casinos are offering financial betting. For example, bet365's Financials is a great place to start. The site shows in-depth graphs and statistics for how the market is fluctuating. Players can look at Moving Odds, Static Odds, and intervals of 5 Minutes, Hourly, or Daily to see trends. Each currency is shown and the graphs are constantly updating to keep betters informed. 

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