Sports Betting USA 2020 Kicks-Off Today!

Published November 12, 2020 by Sol FH

Sports Betting USA 2020 Kicks-Off Today!

Don't miss out on the two-day Sports Betting USA online conference, which starts today.

Sports Betting USA gets underway today and tomorrow, online, for the first time. This conference will focus on the US Sports Betting Market, specifically in the fields of media and finance therein. The conference is by invitation only, but an invite can be requested on the conference website. They are expecting 500 professionals to meet with bookmaker operators, suppliers, and service providers, who will give insights over the next two days. 


The Conference hopes to help aspiring entrepreneurs to navigate the post-pandemic sports betting industry and will give tips as to how to move forward. All eyes will be going digital and it will be important to learn about the digital priorities and how to create trust in an online-only relationship. 

Participants will be able to take part in conversations on regulation, marketing budgets, and the overarching impact on the sports leagues and teams, themselves. Being able to target specific punters and position oneself for long-term growth will be the only way to survive the coming years. 

Who will be there?

As mentioned, over 500 industry professionals including many leading CEOs and CFOs, compliance officers, strategy directors, business development leads, and operators will all be part of this conference. Moreover, there will be the leadership of sports leagues and teams, media and broadcast professionals, Senators, state representatives, regulators, and legislators all in attendance. 

Keynote speakers include Ewa Bakun and Michael Caselli of Clarion Gaming, Norb Gambuzza from the PGA Tour, Florian Geheeb of Sportradar, Ishwara Glassman Chrein from Verizon Media/Yahoo Sports, Brian Glynn of the New York Mets, Christopher Hebert the Director, Gaming Division, of the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office, David Highhill of the NFL, Benjie Levy from theScore, and many others. 

Today will be the last chance you've got to get an invite to this special conference so try to lock down a ticket on the conference website. 

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