Sports Betting USA Presents a Golden Opportunity for Harnessing the US Market Next Week

Lee R. - November 10, 2017

Mysteries will be solved with a litany of expert speakers at this unique affair.

Next week's Sports Betting USA Conference seemingly couldn’t come at a better time.

Untapped Potential

A new GamblingCompliance report on legalised sports betting estimates the United States is capable generating up to $5.8bn in GGR. Available for download ahead of Clarion Gaming's Sports Betting USA Conference November 14-15 at Convene Centre New York

New Era?

These figures point to a new era in sports betting in the US which Sports Betting USA is in position to harness.

About the Conference

The two day conference will critically evaluate the climate for key stakeholders to repeal the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the prevailing prohibition in the US against sports betting in the US apart from sports lotteries in Oregon, Delaware and Montana and the licensed sports pools in Nevada state.

Sports Betting USA will feature 50 sector thought leaders networking and sharing information.

Prohibition Has Failed

One distinguished panellist, former Liverpool Football Club CEO and ex-UK DCMS Sports Betting Integrity Panel member Rick Parry, believes prohibition has failed in light of America’s consistently demonstrated unflagging interest in betting on sports.  He believes that "it is possible to put in place measures that protect the integrity of sport, consumers and the vulnerable” to correct a “substantial, highly liquid, unregulated market in your own backyard.”

Kick-Starting Legalization

Las Vegas-based US Fantasy President Vic Salerno believes that Sports Betting USA has the potential to kick-start the legalization process:

“Would you rather bet with Caesars Palace or the State of New Jersey instead of an off shore bookmaker where you have no control of your money and have no guarantee of being paid? We have to educate the legislators and the regulatory authorities on how betting on games legally will help keep the game honest.” 

Dedicated Themes

The first event dedicated exclusively to development of sports betting in the USA will discuss the legislative path to the repeal of PASPA; demystify misconceptions around sports integrity; outline data monetization strategies and fan engagement opportunities; reveal new revenue streams for rights holders, and present the route to a regulated market.


The loaded program assures reams of information empowering sports betting stakeholders in the USA to effectively lobby for Sports Betting in the USA, prepare effective software and implement effective strategy. 

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