State of the Industry: Benefits of Online Versus Land-Based Play Today

Published July 11, 2021 by Lee R

State of the Industry: Benefits of Online Versus Land-Based Play Today

.The most important benefits of iGaming still pale in comparison to land-based play's fundamental advantage.

We all know iGaming is gaining in popularity on traditional land-based casinos, but what are the exact differences for players between online and physical play today?

Convenience Of Course

First off, online casinos offer the convenience of playing from anywhere from one's mobile device. Web-based casinos allow play 24x7 and from the comfort of one's home.

Land-Based Boundaries

However, some might say this is too convenient, where land-based casinos represent places to play where when you leave the grounds you are finished until the next time, a separation of church and state which may players appreciate as a way to keep their time and recreational activity organised.

Online Diversification

Online offerings are rapidly increasing in diversity and quantity of course, and offering more options than the massive land- based casino sites in many cases, with not only many games but hundreds of variations on popular gambling games such as progressive slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, scratch cards. Online casinos combine adapted version of classic games with innovative games that they invent or that their suppliers uniquely provide.

Online Practice Options

Online casinos often offer the advantage of free practice as well, allowing for players to use demos or free games to hone skills before putting money on the line.

Diverse Betting Limits

Online casinos also offer diverse betting limits, enabling the player to continue to hone their skills with minimal stakes on a diversity of game offerings.

More Payment Options

Online casinos often offer more conventional electronic payment options, including some that use cryptocurrency to streamline play which often helps with player concentration or with withdrawing stakes from games as soon as possible.

The Live Experience

However, as much as we can extol the virtues and unique advantages that the innovative space of iGaming brings, online play does not replace the live gaming atmosphere, an ambience which many people prefer, for social and competitive reasons.


So, as iGaming expands and becomes a major competitor to land-based play, the most effective approach to industry participation is not to consider online versus land-based play as a rivalry where one form seeks to “beat” the other, but a symbiotic relationship where the advantages of each will always appeal to a significant amount of players.

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