Staying Proactive About Deposit Protections: a Refresher Course

Published January 4, 2021 by Lee R

Staying Proactive About Deposit Protections: a Refresher Course

The rush to play has to be tempered by continued due diligence in site checks for players to fully protect their funds.

Punters love playing so much they might have to watch against getting too careless with the casinos they deposit their play money into. 

Safe Era

In this day and age, the majority of online casinos are safe, secure and trustworthy, but punters can never afford to throw caution to the wind and need to do their own due diligence to assess where they are putting their money no matter for how short a time.

Wild West Recovery

The current era of safe online casino play follows a wild west period in which players had to worry about the fairness of games as well as the safety of the casino, with the anonymous nature of the Internet raising the risks of online financial transactions.

Players’ Responsibility for Diligence

Today, live casinos are tightly regulated and overseen by governmental agencies, freeing players up for the most part to choose the casino that appears most engaging. But players need to remain steadfast in avoiding the pitfalls of rushing into play without recognizing overlooked risks.

Protecting Your Funds

Research points out several factors that players can identify to control the safety of their funds and online play.

Regulatory Approvals

The first is what regulatory and testing bodies a website is approved by. The most credible jurisdictions that pioneered the modern era of safe gaming online include Malta, the United Kingdom, and the Isle of Man.

The Role of RNGs

The fairness of casino outcomes can be gauged by a casino’s Random Number Generators RNGs. The RNG remains the primary tool for ensuring a digital card deal or slot spin remains based on chance and free from manipulation.

All credible casinos provide information about their RNG prominently on the site, and employ independent RNG testing bodies periodically. All players should make sure to seek out and find this information on the iGaming website they seek to play on before putting any funds into otherwise anonymous websites—even today.    


The RNG and regulating body are the two foremost keys to establishing the credibility of an online gaming site, with a security certificate the punctuation. Only with those elements can a player even begin to consider depositing any money in an online iGaming site account.

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