Sticky or Non-Sticky Bonuses? That's the question

Florin P. - May 2, 2022
Sticky or Non-Sticky Bonuses? That's the question

Check out the similarities and differences between sticky and non-sticky bonuses and choose the ones that better meet your online gaming expectations.

Everybody loves bonuses and online gambling operators have learned to use them as effective incentives for prospective members. There’s no better way to boost your starting bankroll than welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions also help reduce the impact of the house edge. However, punters need to make a clear distinction between sticky and non-sticky bonuses, so they know what to expect. In the paragraphs below we take a closer look at both types of bonuses, so you can always make an educated decision.

What is a Sticky Bonus? 

You might have heard of sticky bonuses and if you are both casino enthusiasts and an avid punter, you know that they are very much like free bets. These two freebies have one important thing in common and that is the fact that you can’t withdraw them. A sticky bonus is used exclusively for playing their games and you can make winnings, but the stake itself can’t be cashed out. To make the most of sticky bonuses, you need to use them in a different way than a classic bonus.

Sticky bonuses are almost always bigger than their regular counterparts and you have the chance to move up to higher limits much faster. Many gambling operators will offer a sticky bonus worth up to 500% and even more, so the starting bankroll is generously matched. One of the inherent problems of claiming such bonuses is that players can get greedy. You need to think twice before depositing a larger amount to take advantage of a huge sticky bonus. On the other hand, a sticky bonus gives you the chance to bet a larger amount and if you win, the proceedings will be significant even with the stakes subtracted.

What is a Non-Sticky Bonus?

A non-sticky bonus is the standard bonus, which can be cashed out immediately after players meet the wagering requirements. These bonuses are offered by most casinos and they are preferable to sticky ones because you also get to keep the stakes. If you have a more conservative betting routine and try to win by betting volume rather than focusing on big odds, these bonuses are superior. All you need is patience and the right strategy to fulfil the play-through demands and be allowed to cash the bonus itself.

Depending on the casino of choice and the type of bonus offer you claim, the wagering requirements can differ quite a lot. If you choose a non-sticky offer, this should be the top priority when applying for a bonus. The lower the play-through demands, the easier it will be to cash out your deposit, as well as the bonus. This includes the gains you make from successfully using the bonus funds, so it’s vital not to let greed cloud your judgment and go for a sensible offer.

Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses at a Glance

The best way to understand the advantages and shortcomings of sticky and non-sticky bonuses is to look at the differences. While there are many similarities between them, it is the differences that are arguably more important. As mentioned above, non-sticky bonuses can be withdrawn, while sticky ones are only used to gamble. If you prefer cashable bonuses, then make sure you opt-in for non-sticky offers. On the other hand, if you have a more ambitious betting pattern and want to maximize your winnings, sticky bonuses will provide you with more funds for this type of wagering.

Sticky bonuses also come in different forms and the most frequent ones are commonly referred to as “phantom bonuses”. These are popular because they are awarded immediately after players make a deposit, so they can be used right away. Since this is the main quality of sticky bonuses, it pays off to get the financial incentive as soon as possible.

Expiring sticky bonuses work similarly, but they have one quality that helps them stand out from the crowd. Unlike other types of sticky bonuses, these can be available for further wagering even after you make a deposit. What’s important is to use them before the expiry date, otherwise, they are forfeited and removed from the accounts of casino players.

Pros and Cons of Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses are here to stay and there are several reasons why they continue to rank high in the preference of online gamblers. They are perfect for punters who hope to make a bigger winnings without risking their own money. If you have a bold strategy and want to maximize your winnings, sticky bonuses are better than the non-sticky variety. The most effective way to use them is to place fewer bets at higher odds, so if you win, you end up claiming a larger amount.

There are, of course, disadvantages of sticky bonuses, and the fact that you can’t cash out your winnings is the biggest downside. Free money is fun to have and when used properly it can make a difference, but you can’t withdraw the winnings. This is a huge disadvantage and when you have to choose between sticky and non-sticky bonuses of the same magnitude, the latter is preferable. It’s important to keep this in mind when considering the prospect of depositing a larger amount to claim a bigger sticky bonus.

Online casinos and bookmakers are perfectly happy to provide players with different types of bonuses. The goal is to give everyone the chance of choosing bonuses and meet your expectations. Both sticky and non-sticky bonuses have a lot to offer and when used properly, they can help boost a fledgling bankroll. They continue to appeal to active punters and provide invaluable help in mitigating the proverbial house edge. Now that you know the key differences, you can make an educated decision and choose the best bonus for you.



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