Strategy and the Online Casino Gambler

Published December 4, 2006 by OCR Editor

Strategy and the Online Casino Gambler

Outing aside the military meanings of strategy, the word means something along the lines of an elaborate and systematic plan of action. Strategy is a design, a plan of action resulting from forethought and with a specific goal in mind.

So, online casinos are not supposed to take sides in a war. That much is clear. But what does strategy mean for the online casino gambler and why is it the most appropriate term to depict the proper online casino conduct?

First, why did we dispense with the war metaphor? Besides a basic recoil from war and weapons, killings and occupations, little resemblance lies between the online casino and the battlefield. Although some games (slot machines for example) may take on the appearance of war-related attributes, they are entirely distinct. Online casino sites offer gamblers a refuge from the newspaper headlines. Gambling sites are an escape, domains of solitary or communal, hours-long or brief adventures in a virtual world. Like losing yourself in the movies, online casino sites help you put the world in check for a time being.

Then there is the plan of action. Online casino sites are all about the action. Betting rounds after betting rounds at the Texas Hold'em table; pulling levers at slots machines over and over again, and calculating odds for a baccarat hand. At the online casino there is always action. Always. It helps keep the excitement level high, the adrenaline flowing and the slight grin mixed with delicate anxiety on a constant level that says "Go!"

Lastly, there lies the goal. At the end of the online casino gambling session is the jackpot. Craved by many, won by some, the jackpots are the major attraction at online casino sites, and with progressive jackpots and such advanced inventions, it is not about to disappear in any way. But to navigate through the (metaphorical) battle-field, to keep focused through the action loaded sites and games, and to get your hands on the coveted prizes you need to think out your strategy.

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