Summarizing G2E 2016: Industry Leaders Continue Down the Path of Innovation

Ivan P. - October 7, 2016

G2E 2016 has been concluded in Las Vegas, after three days of fruitful discussions on relevant topics, and some very innovative products being showcased.

Another Global Gaming Expo is now behind us and it is time to look back and see what G2E 2016 had to offer. There was a lot going on during the three day conference, with many keynote speakers presenting innovative ideas and numerous exhibitors showcasing their new, exciting products.

Virtual Reality & Skill-Based Games Take the Center Stage

This year's G2E was especially highlighted by an increased focus on virtual reality products and skill-based games solutions, looking to offer a solution for the problem of the Millennials. Many discussions revolved around what casinos and game developers could offer to the millennial generation to rekindle their passion for gambling.

Chuck Underwood, the founder of The Generational Imperative Inc., emphasized during his address that young generations shouldn't and mustn't be ignored.

An interesting suggestion which addressed the Millennials problem at least in part was presented by the company called ACS PlayOn. Realizing that young people are not used to carrying cash around and don't appreciate having to go to the ATM every time they bust at the tables, they presented a device that should facilitate buying chips using your credit or debit card. This would save customers from having to walk to the ATM every time they need more chips and should improve their overall gaming experience.

A number of virtual reality casino games has been presented as well, which combine the power of new technologies and gambling elements to create an exciting gaming atmosphere and really help people have fun while playing for real money.

USA and Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling legislation in the United States was another hot topic during the G2E 2016. The online gambling in the States has been in the stalemate position for a long time now, and this naturally frustrates many of those involved with the industry.

New Jersey DGE Director David Rebuck and MGC Chairman Stephen Crosby touched upon a number of regulatory topics during one of the G2E 2016 panels, explaining how prohibition simply doesn't work and how the regulation needs to change and evolve together with the industry.

By properly adjusting the regulations, Rebuck emphasized, game developers and innovators will be encouraged to their thing.

G2E 2016 a Proof of Industry Development

Everything we've seen at this year's Global Gaming Expo clearly shows that the gaming industry experts and insiders are willing to put in time, effort, and resources required to keep up with the changes and come up with the solutions that customers require.

Overall, all those attending G2E 2016 returned home with words of praise about what the conference had to offer and with a lot of new experiences, ideas, and business contacts, all of which should serve them well in the future.


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