Super New Event in Malta from Eventus Kicks off the AI Era

Lee R. - July 19, 2018

Malta proved the perfect background to support a diverse array of AI star speakers.

Promoted on by event superpromoter Eventus International, the inaugural Artificial Intelligence Summit concluded last week at Malta’s opulent Le Meridien in St. Julian’s Hotel and Spa.

AI Contextualized

The conference served as the epicentre for all things AI, with regional and international experts answering questions to provide insight and share experiences with a diverse range of high-level researchers, innovators, technicians, roboticists, and regulators in this highly sophisticated and still complex field.

Eventus Report

Eventus has made the eloquent gesture of preparing a summary of the conference proceedings for interested professionals who could not be there:

The Day’s Proceedings

The first discussion was led by of customer success director Duncan Ray who in his opening remarks as event chair pumped up the audience for the two-day proceedings.

History and Data

Hollywood Visual effects legend and Founder Andrew Bonello followed with a brief history of Artificial Intelligence, identifying the current status of complex tasks that AI is capable of to support everyday devices such as driverless vehicles.

Smart Studios’ Johan Zammit then shared how his company uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to help gather data and strategize effectively.

Regulation Consideration

The event seemed to pick up momentum from there with the Should AI Be Regulated panel, featuring esteemed AI trailblazers Dr. Angelo Dalli, Mario Mallia Milanes, Stefan Buttigieg and Olga Finkel discussing the future of AI regulation.

AI and Humanity

After a brief networking coffee break, Deep Learning Partnership founder and CEO Dr. Peter Morgan discussed deep learning concepts centred around deep learning to draw parallels between the human and machine brain within the context of decision-processing.

Other hard-hitting topics provided listeners with evidence-based experiences ranging from humanity’s future to AI iGaming applications, with one highlight being Stefan Buttigieg’s discussion of Health 2.0 discussing his role in making Healthcare smarter and more effective.

Eventus Leader Praises  

The event came off swimmingly, with Eventus Managing Director Yudi Soetjiptadi affirming that overall conference feedback was extremely positive, and faithful to Eventus International’s ethos connecting “leaders with leaders, and turn(ing) opportunity into possibility.”


This slogan could be no more appropriate and effective than at AI Malta, and one can only imagine what the event will have in store for participants next year. Start preparing now.

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