Superstitions and Gambling: UK Gamblers Bet on Lucky 7

Published March 9, 2015 by Amir G

Superstitions and Gambling: UK Gamblers Bet on Lucky 7

New survey shows that over half of people in the British Isles believe in at least one superstition.

Superstitions are affiliated with Stevie Wonder songs and the days of old, but a new survey shows that at least in the British Isles people are still very prone to such beliefs. Here are a few juicy snippets from the survey which was conducted by Ladbrokes Games among people who play online games. Overall, the survey has shown that over 54% people in the UK and Ireland still hold at least one superstition. We would like to thank Ladbrokes Games for sharing with us the survey's results.

Wood, Ladders and Umbrellas

Superstitions come in many different types, and the survey has tried to map out the most common ones. Touching wood is a global superstition and it holds a high stance within the UK: 54% of the surveyed people believe that knocking on wood gives them good luck. 51.6% said they prefer not to walk under ladders since those will give them bad luck; 49.6% would never open an umbrella indoors, even if it was raining from the ceiling – because that's just bad luck!

Brits are also very careful around mirrors – 46.3% believe that breaking one would bring seven years of bad luck. There is also a problem with the number 13: 34.1% believe it is an unlucky number, and 43.6% would rather stay in Friday the thirteenth.

Origins and Differences

The survey checked with participants how they came to hold their superstitions in the first place. 46% of the surveyed said that the belief was passed down from their parents, 14% received them from their grandparents and 26% just received them from tradition.

Age-wise, 71% of the surveyed aged 65+ held superstitions, with the number going down to 52% between the age ranges of 35-44. Millennials are more superstition-proof although some still believe in things such as lucky clothing – in one of five people's wardrobe you could find a lucky cloth, something that usually turns out to be underwear. Gender also plays a role: women are more superstition than men – 59% against 47%.

Online Gambling Superstitions

Naturally, numbers are a big part of superstition beliefs as seen with the poor number thirteen. But there's also a number which many believe to be lucky – seven. One in five people in the UK and Ireland will always use seven in their casino games or lottery tickets. Online roulette is also a good example for a game where many superstitions can be practiced, for example: betting on sleeping numbers. The "logic" is that a number that hasn't been bet on for a long time will fall down. Others believe that they should bet on the color that first catches their eye the moment they approach the roulette table.

We say - whatever works, so long as it helps!

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