Sweden and France Meet in Stockholm for World Cup Qualifiers

Published June 9, 2017 by Florin P

Sweden and France Meet in Stockholm for World Cup Qualifiers

Sweden and France compete for the first place in Group A and direct qualification to the World Cup (7:45 p.m UK Time).

Sweden is chasing France for the first place in Group A, in a game of critical importance for the Scandinavian nation. So far, their home pitch performance was strong and they’ve got a strong roster, capable of stopping the European championship finalists in their tracks. They are counting on a couple of inspirational players to return for this fixture, including offensive superstar Ibrahimovic.

France Would Settle for a Point in Stockholm

The visitors are undefeated so far and managed to score a total of 10 goals while conceding just three. Sweden can brag about the same performance and that’s why this match is very likely to end in a low scoring draw. Splitting points isn’t exactly a problem for either teams, but the visitors will be the main beneficiaries of such a result.

Despite the fact that there are several rounds left to be played, a draw in Sweden would pretty much secure their position as group leaders. Since a single team advancing to the World Cup directly, it is particularly important to secure this position. France can count on its offensive try them, but it’s unlikely that Griezmann and Gameiro will play the entire 90 minutes.

Ibrahimovic could Return on the Pitch

The most successful Swedish striker of all time is still mending an injury, but he’s likely to feature in the starting formation. The medical staff has announced that Ibrahimovic is fit to play and he’s expected to play in the match against France. Defensively, the hosts need to do better than they did the last time they met the former world champions and make the most of home pitch advantage.

As far as punters are concerned, betting on a double chance wager and cashing in on even odds offered by bet365 Sports is a tempting proposition. The hosts will be the more offensive team in the first half of the match, but ultimately they won’t risk one point for a chance to claim three.

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