Swedish Gambling Regulator Issues Warnings Over Illegal Media Ads

Ivan P. - May 26, 2018

The warning issued a few days ago names 39 media outlets who have been advertising international gambling operators despite the court-confirmed ban on such activities.

Although Sweden is getting ready to start accepting applications from international operators interested in offering their services in the country the government seems determined to keep the foreign sites away until the process is in place. This is evident from the recent action by the Lotteriinspektionen, the Swedish gaming regulator, which issued as many as 39 warnings to digital media outlets promoting international gambling operators.

Upholding the Law

In October last year, the Swedish Supreme Court confirmed the ban on unauthorized advertising despite the outcry from a number of media outlets who stated this decision undermines the democracy and threatens the sustainability of said media as they heavily rely on this marketing money to keep the wheels turning.

Following the decision, the regulator started issued warnings to non-compliant digital advertisers, under a threat of fine of up to SEK100,000. The latest wave of warnings issued to 39 media sites is another attempt to keep things in line until the regulation is in place.

Online Gambling Regulation Coming to Sweden

Unlike some of its Nordic neighbors, Sweden decided to allow foreign operators to enter the market and offer their services to Swedish players. Interested companies will be able to submit their applications from August 2018, with first licenses being issued in January 2019. A single license will cost SEK400,000, while operators wanting to offer online gambling and sports betting will have to pay SEK700,000.

Once the licensing process is finished and licenses are awarded, media outlets will be free to advertise any properly regulated operator. In the meantime, however, the government remains determined to stop any illegal advertising activities inviting Swedes to play at (currently) unregulated sites.

Interestingly enough, the warning from Lotteriinspektionen cited illegal "lottery operators" although the advertised sites in question are mostly full-scale online gambling operators (casinos and betting sites) with international licenses.



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