Teens More Vulnerable to Online Gambling Addiction

Published July 14, 2014 by Lee R

Teens More Vulnerable to Online Gambling Addiction

Identity verification is seen as the key to protecting teens from gambling.

A recent poll reveals that one in four under-aged teenagers are or have been “involved in illegal gambling activities.”

Mobile Apps Spur Increased Usage

In the poll conducted by Shue Yan University in conjunction with the Society for Truth and Light, mobile apps were identified as the main factor sustaining this alarming increase. The wagers may be no more than a soft drink in most cases, but experts warn against underestimating the severity of the issue. Teenage online gambling has been found more often than not to be a precursor to addiction.

The Rise of Online Gambling

Online gambling first reached the internet twenty years ago, experiencing a major growth spurt almost immediately, as the number of online gambling sites rose from 15 in 1996 to 200 by 1997. The proliferation has increased exponentially with the latest wave fueled by smart phones and mobile devices that enable any user to place a wager through their mobile device.

Mobile gaming is the current trend and clear wave of the future for online gambling expansion, experiencing double digit growth that is expected to increase the number of mobile gamblers to 100 million by 2018: that's a lot of accounts to look after.

Trulioo Identifies the Risks

Vancouver-based identity verification and consumer information center Trulioo provides another telling statistic: underage players are three times more likely to be addicted than adults. Trulioo identifies serious side effects of extended time online via underage gambling as "vulnerability to addiction, lack of sleep, and the associated impact on offline activities and relationships.”

Trulioo's Solution to Protect Youth

Trulioo offers a solution: its “Global Gateway” house-made product, which simplifies the age verification process for online gamblers by providing access to 130 sources of identity status on demand.


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