Texas Gambling

Published March 23, 2007 by OCR Editor

Texas Gambling

Once more, the US have more to say in what concerns the online casino and land based casino legislation. This time the main State is Texas, where a law will be given to vote.

This legal issue was brought up by senators Carona and Ellis, and the main idea will be the construction of a dozen land based casinos in Texas cities. According to supporters, the land construction will mean more tourists, more working posts and more money kept inside the state, instead of escaping due to betting.

There is also another strong argument to enforce the legitimacy of this law and the consequent creation of more gambling houses in Texas. In fact, a high percentage of the land based casinos income, something like a million dollars, will be in order to help and assist young students trying to graduate from college. The gambling money will be used for raising and educating Texas' citizens, helping around 250,000 students. Within the constant battle of the legalization of the online industry in the US, this is certainly a smart measure designed both to solve the issue of the dollar flight off the country because of online gambling, and to create a social purpose for gambling.

Nevertheless, this situation may create a somewhat Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide feeling between online casino and traditional land based ones. As Land based casinos are naturally operated by American citizens, the interest in keeping them is far greater than sites operated by foreigners. Although these new steps taken in Texas will also create an estimated 400,000 new jobs , the truth is that probably Americans as well as many Texan citizens may still prefer the simple joys of home base online playing and continue to bet and play online.

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