The Age of Virtual Reality Comes to Pass in the VR/AR Conference

Published February 19, 2017 by Lee R

The Age of Virtual Reality Comes to Pass in the VR/AR Conference

The technology and gaming benchmark of the millennium is about to become official.

For the first time ever, gambling business representatives and developers of virtual and augmented reality solutions for gambling are preparing to convene to discuss industry development issues and present their latest advancements.

The Event

On April 3, the teeming capital of Prague will host the first Virtual Reality industry conference ever! VR/AR Gambling Conference is set to finally to bring in the new and now long-awaited era of online casino games by implementing widespread provision of virtual and augmented reality by operators through the deals to be closed and networks to arise at this inaugural event.

First VR Promotions

Attendees will literally be part of the first conference group promoting VR/AR innovations to the world. The Smile-Expo organized event will bring all attendees online for the first time on the current market status of VR/AR products as they being the process of building precious and lucrative VR business networks.   

Two Specialty Sections

The specialized conference will be broken down into the two sections: the Developers section will cater to the creators of VR/AR innovations, while the Business section will be geared towards the operators and marketing specialists who make VR/AR technologies publicly available.


Attendees will have abundant opportunities to expand business contacts and establish partnerships that VR/AR will make introduce through first-hand information from gambling operation company reps; marketing information from specialists updating the full range of technology tools available; the latest analytical data; and the best techniques for monetizing business using VR/AR technologies.

Demo Divinity

The Demo Zone is going to be the real star of the show, as the latest VR/AR products are unveiled to the world for the first time ever on a widescale basis. The VR/AR Demo Zone will be loaded with memorable exhibits to officially usher in the long-awaited era of Virtual Reality that we have talked about for years, if not decades.    


The magnitude of this conference speaks for itself. In this case what sounds too good to be true is not only real, but long overdue!

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