The Benefit of Free Games

Published January 17, 2007 by OCR Editor

The Benefit of Free Games

On the face of things, the article's title is an oxymoron. How could any profit come from playing an online casino game for free? Naturally, the answer is none or is it? Even games that are free, in which the site does not require any money bet or even an

One reader might be an experienced gambler, and nothing can any longer surprise him. Sure, that could happen, although there is always something new to learn. But in an industry that grows steadily with great speed in the number of players that join it, many are new to the games. They certainly have what to learn.

The free games offer a try-out period, unlimited in fact, during which the player can watch the game, play it and learn what to do and how to do it. The simplest actions such as turning the roulette table or placing a bet, inserting coins in the slot machine or asking to be hit at a blackjack game can be practiced with no consequences. No negative consequences at least.

The positive, up-side of the free games is that with this acquired knowledge and experience, the player can then move on to the real-deal, real cash games with no concerns or worries, having seen what the games are like, what they are about and how they are played.

So, no direct benefit comes from playing free games, but valuable lessons are learned and in the long run great value comes out of them. It is common to read comments from players at the various portals and community blogs who attribute their success at the various games to the free games. even the bottom line, the one with the dollar sign by it, starts with the free games.

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