The Benefits of BTC are Visible More than Anywhere in iGaming

Published April 26, 2021 by Lee R

The Benefits of BTC are Visible More than Anywhere in iGaming

BTC use has proven to provide an array of cost-benefit gains for operators and players alike.

The popularity of Bitcoin price is due to its unique uses—with iGaming platforms serving as key test cases benefiting from BTC's ease of use in a diverse variety of tech applications and services.

Expanding Popularity

From banking to entertainment, a widening array of industries are exploring the benefits of using BTC. In iGaming, BTC casino originally took interest in the expanded possibilities of virtual currency to launch full-scale integration of BTC.

BTC's Attraction

Bitcoin's structural imperviousness to inflation motivates many online casinos to begin accepting BTC to streamline and enhance engagement.

User Data Minimisation

The benefits of BTC to the gamer include removing the need for players to upload sensitive data to transact fiat currency, details such as name, country of residence, and bank card number.

Anti-theft Protection

BTC also increases safety—because the user wallets cannot be hacked through the casino. No registration is required, and the movement of BTC is a one-off occurrence that does not leave a data trail for hackers or information harvesters to mine: the only visible data is the transaction itself.

Rapid Transaction Processing

BTC transactions are of course also processed more rapidly, along with movement of funds, as usually instant, except for times of high network congestion—but if players are playing with BTC already deposited in their account, the iGaming casino can move the winnings seamlessly across their own internal client networks, also known as wallet eco-systems provided by the casino, regardless of the speed of the public BTC network.

Reduced Transfer Fees

As far as loading funds into user player accounts, bank and payment system commissions on fiat transfers are higher as well, making BTC as cryptocurrency a cost-efficient solution for both player and casino.

Easily Divisible for Play

BTC is also structurally embedded to be divided up into smaller parts of up to a million Satoshi, each worth 1/millionth of a BTC. This translates to easily supported micro-stakes on casino sites, so players can win large percentage of money or learn to gamble without being exposed to major losses.


The use of BTC also enhances promotional processes at online casinos, implying that a safer, more cost efficient and enhanced form of engagement is being made possible by BTC for iGaming casinos.

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