The Future of the Land Based Casino

Published July 8, 2005 by OCR Editor

The Future of the Land Based Casino

Ever since online casinos have exploded into the gambling scene, they have claimed a portion of the market that used to belong to land based casino resorts. Many online gambling experts predict that these land based casino resorts will progressively lose

The fact of the matter is that these land based casino sites have been here longer than online casino websites. In fact, they hold a bigger market share in comparison to these online casino websites. So on what exactly are these online gambling experts base their claims?

Human are creatures of comfort. Why should someone travel half way across the country to play slots, or roulette for that matter? The internet revolution is in full swing, reaching more and more house holds with each passing day. Experts are banking on the fact that the average gambler would prefer to play casino games in the comfort of his own home, without having to endure the added expenses that go a long with visiting a land based casino, such as booking hotel rooms or plain tickets. When you play at the online casino you don't have to wait in line to play slots or table games. This is something that cannot be said about a land based casino, where the space is limited and so is the amount of people allowed to gamble. The online casino doesn't share this problem since it exists in the virtual space.

The online casino industry is already a multi-billion dollar industry, with all signs indicating that it only stands to grow in the future, given that the market is expanding drastically. Let's face it; it's much easier to construct an online casino than a land based casino. Online gambling experts predict that the flood of these online casino sites will gradually create a reality in which they'll dominate the market. Whether these predictions will be realized is still remain to be seen. Will online casino websites drive land based casino resorts out of business?  It doesn't seem likely, at least not in the near future.

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