The Future of Unified Gambling Legislation

Published August 10, 2012 by OCR Editor

The Future of Unified Gambling Legislation

As the online gambling industry continues to prosper, the concept of unified legislation for the EU comes closer to reality.

Unified Legislation

Since the creation of the European Union, there has been an attempt to produce a unified set of laws and regulation in accordance for the online gaming industry. Currently, although there is not a common set of guidelines for the gambling industry due to the lack of consensus between the seventeen nations, views are changing towards a needed set of laws.

Obstacles of Unified Legislation

As of now, the largest obstacle regarding unified legislation is the lack of agreement on the outlook of the online gaming industry. Members of the European Union, although accept online gambling a legitimate source of commerce, do not share a united viewpoint of the industry causing a lack in collective legislation.

Online gambling in Western Europe is far more advanced and reliable than online gambling in Eastern Europe making it quite difficult for citizens of the European Union to benefit from a consistent set of services from within the online gaming industry. 

Future of Unified Legislation

Although there is not a common set of laws and regulations for the online gaming industry of the European Union, the profit of the industry has been recognized by its members. Laws and regulations regarding the gaming industry will benefit the nations of the European Union by the deliverance of increased national budgets. Regulation regarding the taxes of this source of commerce is commonly recognized and is becoming increasingly attractive for the European Union members.

As the viewpoint of the concept begins to become more unified, more and more nations are legalizing online gambling via licensure and producing an increase in profits due to the safe environment created for its consumers. The future of online gambling, although not immediate, has begun with a change in outlook and will continue to ensue as benefits for European Union members continues to upsurge.

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