The Importance of Liquidity to Regulators, Operators and Players

Lee R. - April 27, 2021

How is liquidity implemented in the iGaming space?

We have been hearing the term “liquidity” used often in recent years, but what does it mean in relation to iGaming and how can operators and players alike benefit from effective liquidity? 

Benefits of Liquidity Regulation

Effective regulation of liquidity can provide added benefits to iGaming enterprises which balance effective marketing with commercial appeal.

Games Relying on Liquidity

Liquidity is a key ingredient for certain casino games including poker, bingo and progressive jackpot games; and liquidity is a legal requirement for sports betting exchange products.

Main Factors Affecting Liquidity

The liquidity pools which must be continuously maintained have two mitigating factors affecting their in and outflows: 1) the number of user accounts and 2) the availability of funds in each account.

Advantages of Effective Liquidity

Efficient liquidity pools enjoy high numbers of active players with sufficient funds available to play with in their accounts to sustain and grow their favorite game and attract others.


When a well-managed, well-protected, and well-regulated liquidity pool maintains high liquidity, secondary built-in iGaming marketing benefits emerge, including enhanced channelization into an updated regulation environment.

Choosing the Pool

The most pressing issue of the contemporary environment for regulators opening liquidity pools in new iGaming marketplaces is whether to implement an international, shared or ring-fenced regime.

The International Pool

International liquidity pools permit provide single pools welcoming customers from all over the world to share liquidity.

Shared Liquidity Pool

Shared liquidity refers to agreements between jurisdictions to according to a limited amount of participants.


The “ring-fenced” approach refers to pools of national liquidity hosting poker or bingo players only from a single country jurisdiction with no foreign players—and the removal of the ringed fence in some countries in European a few years was hailed as a revolutionary movement for poker as it launched shared liquidity poker pools in the EU with greater rewards for EU poker enthusiasts.


It is up to regulators to manage liquidity pools so pools are protected equitably, and so that players can always withdraw their funds at any given moment. It is up to operators to meet standards for effective liquidity pools to enjoy added benefits online, of attracting more players to the games with high liquidity and creating more interest in the operating website hosting the effective liquidity as well. 

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