The Invasion of the Casino Bots

Published June 27, 2005 by OCR Editor

The Invasion of the Casino Bots

The game of poker is regarded by many as an art form. Some think that in order to truly master the game, one must possess a machine-like capability to be able to compute all the different probabilities and learn the various gambling strategies and how to

Even before online casinos started featuring poker games, you could play poker against the computer in a simulated poker game. As opposed to the online operations, you were basically going up against a piece of software as your opponent. I bet you assumed that when you play multi-player poker online, you are going up against other people who are using the same software you do. You Assumed Wrong. If video games introduced the virtual casino player, than the Internet has introduced the virtual online casino player.

The Internet has grown a new kind of artificial intelligence, in the form of bots. A bot (short for robot) is a computer program that is designed to run automatically without human intervention. It is manmade, but it does not require man supervision in order to operate autonomously.

So far, the practical uses for these bots are mainly as spiders or webcrawlers. These bots are programmed to automatically fetch web pages and they are used to feed these pages to search engines. Over recent years, people have developed other applications for these bots. In fact, bots have swarmed the internet posing as humans in chat rooms and even at gambling sites. You can essentially program a bot to play poker for you. In theory, these poker bots are capable to gamble and win real money.

In reality, the widespread of this phenomenon is yet to be determined and the actual likelihood that it actually goes on at websites has not been proven either. When you think about it, a bot can serve as the perfect online poker player. It never gets tiered; it hardly ever makes any mistakes (knowingly), and it can react to game situation just as well if not better than its human counterpart. The next time you play at your favorite online casino, take a good look around you. The players sitting next to you at the virtual poker table may not be who you think they are. Hell, the might not be humans at all.


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