The Joy of Gambling

Admin. - February 19, 2014
The Joy of Gambling

It's easy to get caught up in the dream of a big win. But try to keep your feet on the ground and make sure you're gambling for the right reasons.

We've all heard the one about the guy who strolls into a casino, hands a hundred dollar note to the croupier at the roulette table and says: "be a good fellow and put that on number 23 for me." 

He waits patiently while the croupier spins the wheel and watches as the little ivory ball drops into the 23 slot. The man collects his $3,500 and walks off with a smile on his face. This urban myth has brought joy to countless gamblers over the years. And that's the joy of gambling that we all dream about. 

Lotto is probably the most popular gambling game the world over. Governments and cities have found it an easy way to raise money for public use such as hospitals and sport facilities and the game thrives on man's greed for instant wealth. Pick the correct 6 numbers in a Lotto game and you wake up a rich man. In fact this is exactly what happens. In 6/49 Lotto, you have one chance in about 12 million of getting it right, not bad odds when there are millions and millions of people playing. And it is this slim chance that keeps people buying Lotto tickets and dreaming of what they will do with the millions they win. 

These are the real joys of gambling, not the stories of the man who sits through the night in a smoke filled casino feeding coins into a slot machine and futilely pulling the handle hoping for a jackpot that is never going to come. 

The moral of these stories is simple. Buying a Lotto ticket and dreaming of your win can bring you joy! But if you are not getting any pleasure or joy out of gambling, give it up and find yourself a new pastime. 



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