The Legend of the Greatest Lives on After Muhammad Ali Passes Away

Florin P. - June 5, 2016

Muhammad Ali passes away, but leaves a deep imprint on boxing history, and an important legacy about facing challenges and illness.

Muhammad Ali passed away at 74 years old this last Friday, after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. A respiratory problem had him admitted to hospital and despite the medics’ best efforts this was one fight that Cassius Clay couldn’t win. He left behind an impressive legacy and will be fondly remembered for his deeds, both inside and outside the boxing ring.

Much More Than a Great Athlete

Muhammad Ali has won the world heavyweight boxing championship three times and is commonly referred to as The Greatest. Quite possibly the best boxer of all time, he overpowered his opponents with his agility, power and unmatched speed. His classic matches against Joe Frazier and George Foreman brought the beautiful sport back in the spotlight and made it the immensely popular worldwide.

Outside the ring, he was both vilified and admired in the late 60s for his social, political and religious stances. He embraced the name of Muhammad Ali and refused to be drafted for the Vietnam War, which caused his imprisonment. Ali stayed true to his convictions and overcame a lot of adversity, while making powerful statements that have since earned the status of famous quotes.

An Inspiration for Many Great Boxers

Many youngsters were inspired by his success and his meteoric rise and strived to emulate Muhammad Ali in the boxing rings. Only a fraction of them came even remotely close to replicating his performance, with one notable boxer being Evander Holyfield. Back in the day when he was going to the Boys Club, the boxing coach took notice of his resilience and toughness. He told him that if he trains hard and doesn’t give up, he could one day be Muhammad Ali.

Many years later, Evander Holyfield still fondly remembers his words and acknowledges the significance of that moment. He went on to become the heavyweight champion and eventually met his childhood hero in 1984. Holyfield is no longer fighting in the ring, but is famous worldwide and well-liked by boxing fans, while also being the symbol of Real Deal Bet Casino and Sportsbook.

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