The Many Faces of Blackjack at 21 Nova Casino

Published February 24, 2014 by OCR Editor

The Many Faces of Blackjack at 21 Nova Casino

Whatever your favorite version of Blackjack is, you will surely be able to find it at 21 Nova Casino!

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, both online and at land-based casinos, in the world! And with good reason - there is just something so compelling about that magical number 21, and the fast pace and simplicity of the game makes it easy to go round after round.

Three Versions of Blackjack

Did you  know there are multiple versions of Blackjack? Hard to imagine, given the straightforwardness of the game, but at 21 Nova Casino, you can choose from three different versions - or play them all, one after the other!  

BlackJack Switch

In Blackjack Switch, players can switch their top two cards between the hands. This adds a little bit of spice to the traditional game, and gives players more choices and more options in securing their winnings!

Blackjack Surrender

In this version of Blackjack, players can cut their losses in half. If you place a bet, but then hit your forehead in the realization that the dealer probably has a better hand than you, you have the option to "surrender" half of your bet, and cut your losses. 

There are four variations of Blackjack Surrender: single-hand, multi-hand, 3-hand and 5-hand. For detailed instructions about how to play each version, just visit 21 Nova Casino.


Blackjack rose in popularity in America during the first half of the twentieth century, but there is a British version available: Pontoon. Some of the differences between Pontoon and American Blackjack are:

  • Instead of getting a Blackjack, you get a Pontoon
  • A 5-card hand that doesn't bust (go over 21) will pay out 2:1
  • The dealer doesn't get dealt an upcard, which means that you won't have the option of guessing his cards' value

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