The Million Dollar Sports Betting Prize

Published July 30, 2010 by OCR Editor

The Million Dollar Sports Betting Prize

English soccer fan walks away from the World Cup with $1,000,000 in his pocket.

Nearly 3 weeks after the final and the World Cup festivities are still going on for one very lucky guy - but he's not Spanish. In fact, he's English! Of course, 29-year-old Mike McNally isn't celebrating his national team's dismal World Cup performance, no. He's partying because he's just become a Titan Bet World Cup millionaire winning one of the largest prizes in sport betting history.

He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest

When Titan Bet unveiled its unprecedented $100 million prize for the punter who successfully predicted the results of all 64 matches in South Africa, skeptics said it couldn't be done. And perhaps they were right. That didn't deter McNally though - perhaps he always had his eye on the $1,000,000 runner up prize, and he's certainly the one laughing now.

$1,000,000 for 36 Correct Predictions

McNally completed Titan Bet's online prediction form, and apparently didn't give it much thought afterwards. The competition went right down to the wire. On World Cup Final night, McNally and 4 other Titan Bet punters were neck- in-neck with 35 correct match predications.

Ironically, while the other 4 hopefuls feverishly blogged on Titan Bet about the Spain versus Netherlands clash, McNally was blissfully unaware that his 36th prediction - Spain to lift the cup, was about to make him a millionaire.

The Million Dollar Phone Call

So little attention had McNally paid to the Titan Bet competition that the first he heard about his excellent fortune was from a Titan Bet official who contacted him by phone. "I was speechless when I learned I'd won. I just wish that England could have performed as well as I did."

But a nifty little million dollars is a good consolation prize, even for an England fan.

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