The Money Drops at 888 Games

Published April 20, 2012 by OCR Editor

The Money Drops at 888 Games

The Money Drop is an exciting fixed-odds game that is based on the Channel 4 TV Show!

888games just launched The Money Drop, a refreshing and exciting instant-win game. The objective of The Money Drop is to keep as much of one's prize money as possible. This is done by selectively placing a wad of cash on several trapdoors, over successive betting rounds. The more trapdoors that remain closed throughout the game, the higher the cash prizes and therefore the winnings.

This game merges a player's predictive ability and his/her gaming prowess. Betting stakes start at 0.50, with a max bet of 500.

The Money Drop Bonus Game

There are 5 Gold Notes needing to be collected during the game. As soon as players collect all 5, the bonus round kicks in. Lots of cash is up for grabs during the Bonus Game. Players get to enjoy 8 rounds, without spreading their cash over the trapdoors. The bonus prize will be won if by the game's end, the player is still holding all his/her cash. There are 4 trapdoors in Rounds 1 through 4, and 3 trapdoors in Rounds 5 through 7. Round 8 - the final round - sports 2 trapdoors.

The Money Drop on Channel 4

The popular TV show features participants who are given £1 million in £50 notes. The cash is tied together in 40 bundles of £25k each. There are 8 questions that need to be answered - in order to keep as much money as possible. The topics include newsworthy events, to highlight the fact that the show is live. Contestants basically place their cash over trapdoors and hope that their answers are right. If not, the money falls through and is lost forever!

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