The Online Casino Payout in a Nutshell

Published March 21, 2006 by OCR Editor

The Online Casino Payout in a Nutshell

What's all this talk about online casino payouts? Why should fans of the online casinos be so concerned with it and how does it directly benefit them? If you've ever been curious about any of these questions relating to online casino payouts then read on.

Online Casino Reports brings you a simplified guide to the online casino payout rate and how to best understand it. Fans of online casinos will want to read the following.

Firstly, if you have ever seen a payout percentage plashed across the front page of an online casino or posted in a casino review, it is important to understand how it effects you the player. The casino payout rate indicates just how much the online casino claims to be paying out in winnings. This means an online casino with a stated payout rate of 96% for any given month is claming that of 100% of the money that comes in to the online casino, 96% of it is paid back to the players in winnings.

But how can this be verified? Clearly the player doesn't have the means to check the integrity and fair gaming policy of any given online casino. But there are third party auditing firms such as OPA and eCOGRA that do check the casino payout rate and verify if it is accurate. Any serious fan of online casino gambling should take the time to check if the online casinos they play at feature such verification certificates from third party auditors. Play it safe, always check to see if the casino payout rate has been confirmed.

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