The Popularity of Online Casino Cruise Vacations

Published July 5, 2015 by Amir G

The Popularity of Online Casino Cruise Vacations

Cruise vacations offers are becoming more common at leading online casinos: what makes them so popular?

As the online casino and iGaming industry grows, players are met with bigger and better promotions, gifts and prizes. Specifically, the cruise type of prize is something that we've started seeing more often at leading online casinos.

Some prime example would be the luxurious Fortune Lounge Cruise that is offered to players over at Royal Vegas Casino, or the romantic 12 night luxury European cruise offered at Casino Cruise.

Cruise Vacations Popularity

The two examples above are part of a growing trend in the travel world in in recent years, in which tourists and vacation-goers prefer to opt for cruise vacations rather than go on other types of holidays. One of the core reasons for this preference is the stress that accompanies any vacation or trip, caused or affected by the need to hold some kind of familiarity with the place in which you are vacationing. So what else makes cruise vacations so popular?

Simplicity and Activities

Relating to the stress of planning and familiarity, cruise vacations require none of that– a pre-planned route takes travelers to the "must see" places and ports where they can travel and shop with a bit of guidance, then return to the ship.

To add to that, today's cruise ships are like floating 5 star hotels: Passengers get access to almost everything they'd do in a land vacation with live shows, dance clubs, cinemas, fancy restaurants, malls, swimming pools and of course – onboard casinos.

Overall Pampering

Cruise ships employ top chefs to provide passengers with a special high-end culinary experience. Different cuisine options cater to passengers' needs promising that everyone eats exactly what they want. Other instances of pampering on cruise ships include massages, spa treatments and all kinds of other things which you hardly ever get time to do when not on vacation.

These factors along with many others turn cruise vacations into a coveted type of holiday, and we expect to see more of these offered at online casinos in the near and more distant future.

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