The Return of the Bundesliga: Werder Bremen Braces for Tough Bayern Munich Test

Published August 26, 2016 by Florin P

The Return of the Bundesliga: Werder Bremen Braces for Tough Bayern Munich Test

Bayern Munich goes for first win in new Bundesliga season (7:30 p.m UK Time).

Bayern Munich couldn’t have possibly wished for a better opponent to face in the opening round of a new season. The reigning champions will take on Werder Bremen, a team that didn’t caused them any headaches recently and one that has a hard time defending against them. The visitors are hard-pressed to bolster their defenses, as they will come under heavy fire and will have to survive a 90 minutes siege.

A Flawless Track Record for Bayern Munich

One would have to look way back to find a match won by Werder Bremen against the reigning champions. Bayern Munich won the last 13 games and most of these were lopsided victories. Scoring goals has never been a problem for them and the home side will be aiming for another comfortable win. The starting formation will feature three strikers and an offensive midfield that contributes offensively.

Bayern is undergoing a process of change after Guardiola departed for Manchester City. On the bright side, the new manager has so many quality footballers available that making the transition is an easy job. The Bundesliga matches are merely a warm-up for the upcoming Champions League fixtures and it’s vital for Bayern to kickstart the season with a victory.

Storm Clouds Ahead for Werder Bremen

The visitors have a few reasons to be optimistic ahead of this fixture, especially after recent results. The campaign of friendly games resulted in humiliating defeats and they were also eliminated from the German domestic cup. To make matters worse, the executioners were a team from the third division and not even one fighting for promotion.

This is going to be a one-sided game with Werder Bremen defending for its life, while the home side pushes on from the first minute. Bayern Munich will come out firing on all cylinders, so it’s very likely that more than 3.5 goals will be scored. Bet365 offers odds of 4/5 on this market, but don’t expect them to last until match day.

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