Penny Slots: Big Wins with Small Money

Published August 2, 2014 by Elana K

Penny Slots: Big Wins with Small Money

Penny slots are becoming more and more popular online as people enjoy the low buy-in rate and the potential for bigger earnings. Onlines casinos like Win A Day have answered the increasing demand for penny slots and currently include 15 choices.

Slot games remain one of the most popular games at both online and land-based casinos, with literally thousands of options for players to choose from. The most recent trend, however, shows that players are choosing to try their luck at penny slots, so named because they only cost a minimum of one penny to play. The appeal is obvious: a cheap buy-in rate, with the potential for larger winnings.

Many online casinos have recognized the current trend and are jumping on the penny-slot bandwagon. For example, Win A Day Casino offers 15 penny slots, with new additions added regularly. Their newest penny slot, Pacific Victory, was just added this month.

Penny slots are pretty much the same as regular slots; for example, Pacific Victory is a 5-reel, 11 payline military-themed slot that includes symbols such as jeeps, ships, planes, US Flags and mines. You can find similar descriptions of non-penny slots that read similarly. The main difference, however, is the lower buy-in and potential for winnings.

Why Play Penny Slots?

Win A Day reports that their players enjoy the site's penny slots because of the higher payback percentages than other online casinos. Players also feel that they can get “more bang for their buck” when they play penny slots; in other words, if a player has a budget of $100, it can go a lot further when the minimum buy-in is a penny, as opposed to a dollar.

Tips for Winning at Penny Slots

1. Play all lines available, as this will provide you with a higher hit rate and more frequent wins. Just keep in mind that when playing all lines, it will cost more than a penny!

2. If you are winning, increase your bet; conversely, if you are losing, decrease your bet. While increasing your bet means wagering more than a penny, keep in mind that it order to win more, you have to spend more!

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