"The Squeeze": New Movie Depicts High-Stakes Betting

Published April 17, 2015 by Amir G

Hitting theaters April 17th, "The Squeeze" deals with the world of high-stakes golf betting and match fixing.

A new film dealing with golf and high-stakes sports betting is hitting US theaters on Friday, April 17th.

"The Squeeze"

Directed by Terry Jastrow, "The Squeeze" tells the story of Augie Baccas (Jeremy Sumpter), a skilled small-town golf player who gets lured by a professional gambler named Riverboat (Chris McDonald) to compete in high-stake golf gambling matches. By doing so, Baccas is forced to give up his dream of making it to the US Open, much to the dismay of his girlfriend Natalie (Jillian Murray).

As Baccas delves deeper into the world of high-stake golf gambling, he starts earning big money but at the same time finds himself knee-deep in trouble as he gets entangled with big-time mob-tied Vegas gambler Jimmy Diamonds (Michael Nouri) who threatens to eliminate Baccas unless he loses a $1 million golf match – one that he must win for the seedy Riverboat.

High Rollers and Golf

With over 20 million Americans who play golf and many more who follow the US Open and other competitions, high rollers are known to be attracted to the game. Astronomic amounts that are wagered in dubious ways on big golf matches and the very idea of them, make for suspicious attitudes among people who think of golf betting as how it is portrayed in the film.

Of course, that's far from the truth: Millions of punters all over the world enjoy placing sane bets on international competitions and the popular US Open. Such competitions are popular at online bookies like Winner Sports and bet365 Sports; the irony of it all is that Americans cannot place bets on these competitions online.

US Sports Betting Agenda

The issue of sports betting in the US has been in the news lately, one of the sparking factors being the NBA Commissioner's support for regulation. Adam Silver commented on how the US misses out on great revenues every year by leaving sports online gambling out of the door. While The Squeeze's depiction of the golf betting may not help the plight for regulation, let us hope that it will at least be a good movie.

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