The World Series of Golf: The Future of Golf?

Published May 5, 2008 by OCR Editor

The World Series of Golf: The Future of Golf?

The poker industry expands its reach as Full Tilt sponsors a unique, new way to gamble, the World Series of Golf.

Full Tilt has joined the advertisers of the golf industry with the purpose being apart of the revolution in golf and poker alike. Sponsoring the World Series of Golf (WSG) will allow Full Tilt to present its product through broadcast television, international print media and the Internet.

The success of the poker site has helped its prestigious reputation. President and CEO of the WSG Terry Leiweke believes that "the synergies that will result from our relationship with the leading virtual card room service will be mutually beneficial to both our companies."

The WSG is not your casual golf tournament. It combines the elements of poker and the rules of golf, to make for "The Texas Hold'em of Golf."

The Rules
The game is simple. Unlike regular golf, players can "fold" a game in the middle of the hole. At every tee, players place an ante. Every shot after the ante is performed with a pass, bet or a fold.

The par of a hole does not matter. Just like in poker, players play against those in their group. The winner of each group advances to the next round.

The game does not follow the traditional standards of winning - to win the tournament a player must eliminate all the other players in his/her group by betting strategically. Having the lowest score won't get you a trophy and being the best golfer on the course won't bring in the cash. Along with minimal skills in golf, you have to know how to use the pressure of betting to your advantage!

The Details
Even well-known poker players are stepping on the green for the Full Tilt team - ranging from Phil Ivey, Brandon Adams, David Benyamine and David Grey.

 The WSG is based in Paiute Golf Resort in Las Vegas, NV, one of the world's greatest golfing destinations. The event will take place on May 12 - 15, but will be domestically aired throughout the US on June 28 and 29 on CBS Sports.

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