Third Online Poker Bill Proposed in Pennsylvania

Published April 9, 2015 by Lee R

Third Online Poker Bill Proposed in Pennsylvania

Public hearings and multiple online gambling bills indicate Pennsylvania is closing in on online gambling regulation.

A third proposal for online poker regulation has been introduced in the state of Pennsylvania.

Davis' House Bill No. 921

House Bill No. 920 was introduced to the state legislature's Committee on Gaming Oversight by Rep. Tina Davis, and currently already has 11 sponsors.

Specific hearings to consider the viability and propriety of Internet gambling will be conducted on April 16 and May 6 by Pennsylvania lawmakers, in a climate in which the right language is necessary to implement online poker play and gambling as the string of legislative proposals continues.

String of Proposals in 2015

Suffice to say, online gambling is in the air in the state of Pennsylvania. Previous online gambling bills introduced this year include the first Pennsylvania online gambling bill of 2015 by Rep. John Payne in February, and the second in March as a result of a proposal from Rep. Nick Miccarelli.

With a population of 12.76 million and 12 live casinos already in operation, a state study in Pennsylvania estimates the annual value of regulated online poker to be up to $129 million in revenues when operating at full tilt. State-sponsored online casino games could see as much as $178 million in intake.

Davis' Online Gambling Proposal Familiar

Davis' bill is almost identical to the one she introduced in 2013, at which time the bill did not make it out of committee.

The most progressive form of online gambling regulation is considered to be the bill introduced by Rep. Payne’s bill. April 16's public hearing on Internet Gaming and Mobile Gaming and May 6's public hearing on Internet Gaming will guide regulation adaptation to address the concerns of the Pennsylvania voting constituency.

Mid-March's previous general public hearing on the topic of industry competitiveness recently discussed online gambling issues, and indicates another realistic component of a sincere movement to adapt online gaming and poker in Pennsylvania.

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